Jason was born and raised in a small town in northwestern North Carolina (and consequently he is a true North Carolina Tarheels fan.) He is the son of a preacher and schoolteacher, and he loves the work that God has called him to in growing and edifying the kingdom of God. His college education gave him a love of two enduring questions that we have to ask in life: Who is God, and what does it mean to be human? Following a short time in youth ministry, Jason completed his Masters of Divinity at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Johnson City Tennessee. He has followed that with preaching ministries in Elk Park, NC, Hillsville, VA, and has now found his way up north to the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He is married to Santana and they have two growing children. Jason enjoys the great outdoors and he finds life and the folks here at Stillwater to be much like the way he knew things to be back home. He looks forward to what God has in store in this partnership of ministry God has called him to and invites you to join us “so that the whole may know” of the riches of God’s grace!