Hello Stillwater Christian Church Parents,

We are very excited about opening the children’s ministry! We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time! I’d like to make you aware of a few changes.

As far as our Sunday Morning programming goes, I want to remind you that at the 8:00AM Service, there will be no children’s programming at this time.

The 9:30AM Service will also be our Sunday school time from 9:30-10:20 with children reporting to their age appropriate Sunday school classes.
Please note 2 important changes:
*The Kindergarten Class will meet in the Elementary Pod.
*The 5th & 6th Grade Class will meet upstairs in the Youth Cafe’.

At the 10:45AM Service, Toddlers will report directly to Toddler Worship in classroom A5 while Junior Worship kids in K thru 3rd grade will be dismissed from the sanctuary. These Junior Worship kids will be assigned a Color Coded Group (keeping siblings & families together)at the time of Check In. The children will be dismissed from the sanctuary staggering the color groups from the back and side doors. The K-3rd grade children will return to their parents in the sanctuary at the end of service during announcements.

There will be a staffed Nursery at 9:30AM & 10:45AM for mobile children only at this time.

Please use the Church Center App by downloading the Church Center App onto your phone or access it on the church’s website.
Once you have the Church Center App on your phone, you’ll need to, on Sunday morning, scan the QR Code and Check In your children to their Sunday morning classes. It will be quick and easy!

Now, there will be 3 Check In Stations. There will be a new one in the lobby, one at the Elementary Pod, and one at the Toddler Pod. These 3 Stations will help expedite the check in process and allow for social distancing.

Here children and their teachers will get their temperatures taken. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 and higher will not be permitted in the children’s areas. I strongly encourage everyone to take temperatures before leaving the house.
If anyone is feeling ill, has a chronic cough, or a fever, please do not come to church that day. Children without a fever or persistent cough will have their hand stamped to indicate they have been checked.

Parents will also be asked to sign a COVID 19 Waiver indicating they recognize there is always a risk involved when choosing to allow their children to participate in church activities and that they will not hold the church liable.

Here are a few more things you should know:

Face Masks for Teachers and Students are recommended according to updated state guidelines.

Elementary Aged Children will be socially distanced at 6 feet to the best of the teacher’s ability.

For Preschool Aged Children, there are no government guidelines for social distancing with the activities typical of Toddler Worship.

Each child will be assigned materials labeled with their name on it.
(Ziplock baggie with crayons, markers, glue etc.)

Toys that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will not be used in the nursery or toddler areas. The toys used during the 9:30 service will be different from the toys used during the10:45 service.

Cleaning supplies will be placed in each classroom to ensure enhanced cleaning of surfaces and frequently touched items.

There will be Increased hand washing for teachers and students. Each classroom will also be equipped with hand sanitizer.

Everyone will be encouraged to cough and sneeze in their elbow.

*If anyone tests positive for Covid-19, church families will be notified and that individual will be required to be quarantined for 14 days.

As you’re well aware, the situation with Covid 19 is very fluid, so we will continue to evaluate and make the best possible decisions for the health of our students and volunteers. We are doing our very best to provide a safe, clean environment for the children to thrive in. I encourage everyone to be patient and flexible as we move forward. I also believe grace and encouragement will be needed from everyone. And above all, please pray for the children and all who are involved
in the children’s ministry. We covet your prayers. Thank you. Karen Avery